About us

The main activity of FB Drinks OÜ is the sales and marketing of the functional fitness drink Fatburner both in Estonia and abroad. The broader goal is the distribution of unique health products.

Fatburner was developed in cooperation with a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. Sales started in 2004. It is a unique drink, still uncopied, anchoring its ’state of art’ status. For example, only high quality L-Carnitine from Germany is used, etc.

Our sales and marketing manager is Tarmo Hõbe, who besides long-experience in marketing has been one of the best long-distance runners in Estonia. The CEO and partner Hanno Lindpere carries responsibility for export and other activities. We strongly believe that healthy products and lifestyle carry more weight with each passing day.


FB Drinks OÜ, Sakala 18-18, Tallinn